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Corner betting at 1xbet

Betting on corner kicks (corner kicks) at 1xbet allows you to make predictions on the total number of corner kicks that will be awarded in the match. A corner kick is awarded when the ball crosses the touchline of the pitch and meets the opponent’s resistance, flying out of bounds.

To bet on corner kicks at 1xbet, follow the steps below:

  1. Select a match: Go to the 1xbet website and select the match you want to bet on for corners.
  2. Select Corner Kicks: In the list of available bets for the match, find the Corner Kicks or Corner Kicks section where you will be able to select the relevant market.
  3. Specify a prediction: In this section, you will see various options such as Over/Under, Corner Kicks Total, etc. Choose the option that best suits your prediction.
  4. Enter the bet amount: Enter the amount you want to bet on corners.
  5. Confirm your bet: After selecting the option and specifying the bet amount, make sure all details are correct and confirm your bet.

Corner betting examples:

  • Corner Total (Total Over/Under): You are betting that the total number of corner kicks in the match will be more or less than a certain number set by the bookmaker.
  • Team Corner Kicks (Team #1, Team #2): You bet on the number of corner kicks that will be awarded to a certain team in the match.
  • First Corner Kick: You bet on which team will get the first corner kick of the match.
  • Half Corner Kicks Total: You bet on the number of corner kicks in the first or second half of the match.

The pros of corner betting include the ability to follow the events in the match that can affect the number of corner kicks, as well as the opportunity to get high odds, especially in the Over/Under mode. This type of betting offers additional opportunities for variety and strategic analysis.

However, as with other bets, it is important to analyse statistics, team form, game tactics and other factors before betting on corners.

Pros and cons of corner betting at 1xbet

Corner betting at 1xbet has its pros and cons, which should be taken into account before placing such bets.

Pros of corner betting at 1xbet:

  1. Opportunity for close analysis: Corner betting can provide an opportunity to analyse the game closely. You can study the tactics of the teams, their previous matches, corner statistics and other factors, which will allow you to make more informed decisions.
  2. Dynamic betting: Corner kicks can occur throughout a match, making corner betting quite dynamic. This can add interest to watching the match.
  3. Variety of markets: 1xbet offers various corner betting markets such as Over/Under, Corner Kicks Total, Team Corner Kicks and others. This allows players to choose the right market depending on their analyses and predictions.
  4. High odds: Depending on the chosen market and event, the odds on corner kick betting can be quite high, allowing punters to make good winnings.

Cons of corner betting on 1xbet:

  1. Unpredictability: Corner kicks can be less predictable than, for example, the result of a match or the number of goals. Even if a team dominates the game, this does not guarantee a high number of corner kicks.
  2. Dependence on statistics: For successful corner kicks betting, it is important to study statistics and analyse data about teams’ previous matches. This can be a time-consuming process.
  3. Random factors: Sometimes corner kicks can depend on random factors such as referee decisions or random situations on the pitch, which makes predictions less reliable.
  4. Not always an event bet: In some matches, especially in lower leagues, bookmakers may not offer corner kicks betting, which limits the selection.

Betting on corner kicks can be an interesting and exciting option, but it also carries risks and requires careful analysis and preparation. Before placing such bets, it is advisable to study the teams’ form, corner kick statistics, tactics and other factors that may affect the number of corner kicks in a match.