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xG stats in football at 1xbet: what are expected goals and how to use them in sports betting

The xG statistic in football is a system of calculating the expected goals that each team can score in a match. This statistic is used to assess the efficiency of the offensive play and the quality of the defence of the team. It also helps to indicate how likely the team is to score in the next match.

The expected goals for the match are calculated based on several factors, including location of the kick, type of kick, distance to goal and other factors. For example, a close-range shot has a higher chance of hitting the goal than a long-range one.
With the xG stats you can better recognize which team was better in the match and what changes need to be made to increase the chances of winning in the next matches. These stats are also useful for betting on sports, as they allow you to determine which teams have a better chance of winning a match.

Со статистикой xG вы можете лучше понять, какая команда была лучше в матче и какие изменения необходимо внести, чтобы увеличить шансы на победу в следующих матчах. Эта статистика также полезна для ставок на спорт, так как позволяет определить, у каких команд больше шансов на победу в матче.

On 1xbet website xG-statistics can be found in the “Statistics” section on each match page.

Expected Goal

Expected Goal (xG) is a statistic used to assess the quality and success of a team’s attack in football. It is based on a number of factors, such as the position of the players on the field, the distance to the goal, the angle of the attack, the type of shot, the obstacles in the way of the goal, etc. From this data, the system calculates the probability that a given attack will end in a goal.

The expected goal is not just the number of goals a team could score in a match, nor is it a guarantee that every attack that has a high xG will end in a goal. It shows how effective the attack was, and can help assess the quality of the team’s performance as a whole.

The xG can be used to predict the results of matches and also to analyse the team’s performance. Football bets based on expected goals may be more accurate and more profitable for the punters than bets based on total goals or the match winner.
At bookmakers, such as 1xbet, xG can be used to set odds on certain events in a match, such as the number of goals or whether a team will score a goal in a particular attack.

xG stats in football at 1xbet

The xG stats in football, or expected goals, is a statistical method used to estimate the quality of shots on goal and the probability of goals being scored in each situation. This method takes into account various factors such as distance to goal, angle of shot, type of shot, etc. Each shot is evaluated according to the probability of scoring a goal based on data from previous matches and other statistical indicators.

The xG-statistic at 1xbet is a measure of the quality of a team or player in an attack and how effective they are in scoring goals. It can also be used to predict the outcome of matches and determine the most likely outcome of an event.
Some bookmakers, including 1xbet, provide real-time xG stats for each match. This helps players make more informed decisions when placing football bets, based on the analysis of the statistics.