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1xbet 우회주소

1xbet maintains a high rating and status as one of the most successful players in the world of gambling and sports betting. For South Korea, it has developed a user-friendly site that is translated into Korean, offers payment for bets in the local currency and retains all the features of the sports, totalisator and casino market. A total ban in the country prevents the Russian brand from getting authorisation from the local authorities. The site is officially closed, so customers are forced to search for 1xbet 우회주소.

How to find an additional address of 1xbet

The official 1xbet.com website opens via a direct link only in countries where there is no domestic gambling regulation. For South Korea, the portal is closed. In 2010, a programme was adopted at the state level to completely ban all gambling establishments, including those that operate via the Internet.

To enter, players must find an alternative link (a copy of the site with a changed URL address). It preserves the resource functions in full, unloads the server in the evening and on weekends, when the number of active sessions becomes maximum. In addition, the new address can safely bypass ISP blocking and provide a stable connection to games.

An additional address can be found:

  • On public domain request;
  • On social networks;
  • On the bookmaker’s official channels (Telegram – @xBetChannel or@xBetConsultBot);
  • On individual request in the support service;
  • In the newsletter.

Before using a mirror, check it for viruses. This applies to those links that are taken from public access.

Players with registration can install 1xbet Assets. This programme quickly searches for an up-to-date mirror, checks it and saves it in your browser bookmarks. It is available free of charge to everyone. Download files – in the footer of the start page.

1xbet rulebook

Registration is a mandatory procedure. After it, you can play with the bookmaker for money, having previously familiarised yourself with the basic rules. Study the “Terms and Conditions” and, only if you agree with each point, sign the co-operation agreement.

  1. A person who has reached the age of majority can create an account.
  2. It is allowed to open only one account on the gaming platform.
  3. It is forbidden to play from other people’s personal accounts.
  4. Once a bet has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or changed.
  5. If the bet is completely lost, there is no payout of funds, including bonus funds.
  6. No fraudulent schemes or use of the account for purposes other than money betting.
  7. About changes in contacts and personal information should be immediately notified to the support service by e-mail.

Problems with the bookmaker will not arise if you adhere to the basic rules of cooperation, observing the measures of safe behaviour on the site.


1xbet 우회주소 is necessary for any player who decided to cooperate with an offshore bookmaker to bypass the internal regulations. Gambling is illegal in South Korea, so any entry to a betting site requires finding an additional address.

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