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1xbet (원엑스벳) 프로모션코드

Getting 1xbet (원엑스벳) 프로모션코드 can be done in several ways: visit the “Promo Code Showcase” section and activate participation with bonuses, as well as find the current bonus code on third-party information resources. The promo code is part of the bonus, it, like all operator’s incentives, needs to be wagered.

Promo codes 1xbet

Many bonuses on the site become even more attractive with promo codes. It is the special symbols that work for several days that increase the potential winnings on a bet. The codes start working when you visit the platform for the first time. With the ONBET promo code, you get 20% more in your welcome bonus.

To understand the principle of the bonus code, use the “Betting without risk” promotion. In case you lose, the operator will give you a special code for a freebet on any type of market.

Codes can be received for free, as a birthday or New Year present. The rest will come with wagering. Before activation, please read the rules of the draw and the expiry date of the code. It can be used only once!

The loyalty programme works in the mode of points accumulation: you play on the sports market, you become a capper in TOTO, or you earn points through an affiliate link… Virtual comp points can always be exchanged for codes at the rate of 1/100 or 1/50. Send a request from the page “Promo codes shop” for the current exchange!

Where to use 1xbet promo codes

Players have plenty of options on how to use their bonuses to their advantage. If you have a few free promo codes, go to the “Shop” to exchange them for FS and FB. The minimum exchange rate is 1/50 (in slots and table games).

Promo codes can be bought with money. The cost of the code is usually stated in the general terms and conditions. If the code is paid, the bet amount automatically increases and so does your potential winnings!


Promo codes are a bonus policy of 1xbet. With their help, the operator increases activity on this or that type of market, draws players’ attention to unpopular disciplines and gives the opportunity to win on exclusive knowledge. Each code has its own wagerer. Do not forget about it when playing with bonuses!

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